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The mine near the village of Koshava is the only underground gypsum deposit in South-Eastern Europe. The extracted by the company gypsum is a 100 % natural product and its purity reaches 95 % (the purity of the excavated from open-air quarries gypsum does not exceed 50 %). GIPS JSC is the major supplier of raw materials for the cement industry, as well as for the production of gypsum binding substances and aerated-concrete products. Since 2006 over 22 millions BGN have been invested in reconstruction, modernization and up-dating of the technological process through buying a complex machine for mechanized underground extraction of natural gypsum, the building of two new production installations for gypsum-based and cement-based dry building mixtures and an installation for drying and separation of sand and complete installation for calcification of natural gypsum.

On the 4th of October the new factory of GIPS JSC was officially opened in the village of Koshava. This is the first plant in Bulgaria with a complex installation for classification of natural gypsum.
The project  was approved by the Operational Program "Competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy 2007-2013. The equipment of the new plant with a capacity of 80 thousand tons per year is worth 8 million euro. Supplier of equipment is "Claudius Peters Projects". The harmful impact on the environment is significantly reduced due to the starting of the new factory and complete installation. The permitted level of harmful emissions is 50 mg/m3 and the new installation will give off no more than 20-27 mg/m3. The energy consumption of the production will be significantly reduced – the consumption of electricity and fuels will be reduced by 45 %. The capacity of the new installation is 14 tons per hour.

Nowadays GIPS JSC manufactures 23 products – 13 gypsum-based and 10 cement-based dry building mixtures, heat-insulation system and primers.

GIPS has developed the variety of its products in accordance with the European trends in the development and marketing of new products refracting them through the particular features and demands of the Bulgarian market. Great variety of gypsum-based and cement-based dry building mixtures - ground coats and adhesives, stuccos and putties, adhesives for ceramic coverings, heat-insulation system and primers.  The main endeavor of the company is to offer its’ clients products applicable in building, reconstruction and repair activities in public and residential buildings.   

In order to be competitive on the Bulgarian and European markets GIPS implements strict controlling all over the production process. The company possesses the only accredited in Bulgaria laboratory for analyzing gypsum and gypsum products. GIPS is certified by ISO 9001-2008 SGS.

The products of GIPS JSC are well known in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.