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Construction Testing Laboratory (CTL) in GIPS AD has extensive experience in the testing of gypsum. The laboratory tests, which are performed in it, correspond to customer requirements and regulations.

The laboratory has national accreditation by Bulgarian Accreditation Service (BAS). This certificate BAS reg.№217LI is valid until 04.15.2023.Construction Testing Laboratory performs its test related activities in a manner that meets the requirements of BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018, as well as the needs of the client and the organizations conferring recognition of competence. CTL specializes in the testing of raw gypsum, gypsum binders, gypsum-based building compounds, cement adhesives and water - potable, waste, surface and underground, in accordance with international, regional and national standards. We earn customer trust not only maintaining valid accreditation, guaranteeing that test results are obtained with required accuracy and reliability, but also through implementation and modernization of equipment and highly qualified staff to handle it.

Mechanical characteristics of gypsum

1. Grip strength equipment for gypsum and cement based mixtures

2. Device for measuring tensile strength

3. Device for measuring compressive strength


Determination of moisture content and combined water (water of crystallization) content

Automatic apparatus „Vikat”

Determination of initial setting time and end of setting


Determination of the fineness of the material

Chemical fireplace

Device for determination of the linear thermal expansion