Gypsum binding substance

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Construction gypsum

Grey-white powder substance obtained by thermal treatment of raw gypsum stone.
A hygroscopic construction product suitable for finishing works in closed dry premises. Construction gypsum possesses the ability to form a plastic mass if it is stirred with water which imparts its multifunctional application in building.

Instructions for use:
- The surface on which it will be applied has to be solid, dry, even and without any oil, dust and construction waste impurities.
- Add construction gypsum to preliminary prepared water and stir until a homogeneous mass is achieved. The recommended ratio is 0.6 to 0.8 weight parts of water to 1.0 weight part of gypsum

Technical specifications

Binding time- beginning ≥ 6 min / ≤ 30 min
Reaction to fire Class A1 non-frammable
Consumption allowance Depending on the type of application
Compressive strength ≥ 2.0 N/mm²
Form of delivery 1250 kg./ pallet, 50 pack/ pallet
Packaging mulilayer paper bag