High-strength cement-based adhesive

Improved cement-based adhesive with additional features, reduced sliding and prolonged working time. Suitable for fixing porcelain, wall tiles and floor tiles in indoor and outdoor premises. Class C2TE.

- Clean the surface before laying the tiles.
- Suitable for fixing tiles on floor heating and for premises continuously exposed to humidity, sun light and atmospheric impacts.
- Add 5,5 – 6,0 litres of water (according to the desired consistency) to one 25 kg package and stir until the mixture becomes homogenous.
- Leave the mixture to mature for 5 – 10 minutes.
- Stir the mixture again.

Technical specifications

High tensile adhesion strength after 28 freeze-thaw ≥1.0 N/mm²
Reduced sliding ≤0.5 mm²
Form of delivery 1250 kg /pallet. 50 packs /pallet
Consumption allowance 2-4 kg/m²
Open time - tensile adhesion strength /after not less than 30 min ≥0.5 N/mm²
Packaging mulilayer paper bag