Self-leveling gypsum-based floor coating.

Dry building compound suitable for fine leveling and repair of floors in closed premises with a thickness of layer varying between 1 and 10 mm.  Suitable for making even and solid coatings beneath the final floor covering such as marble, fitted carpets, parquet and others.  

- The surface on which the coating will be applied has to be even, solid and dry.
- It is necessary to apply a primer if the surface is made of concrete.
- Add the dry compound to preliminary prepared water in a 3:1 ratio or add 6.5 – 7 litres of water to 25 kg dry mixture. Stir with an electric stirrer until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Pour the compound on the ground and disperse it evenly with a putty-knife.
- The coating will level and smooth away by itself. The final floor coating can be laid after 48 – 72 hours.

Technical specifications

Binding time, beginning/end ≥30 min/≤12 h
Bending tensile strength, after 3 day /after 28 days ≥1.5 N /mm², ≥4.0 N /mm²
Packaging mulilayer paper bag
Compressive strength, after 3 day /28 days ≥8.0 N/mm², ≥20 N/mm²
Reaction to fire Class A1 non - flammable
Form of delivery 1250 kg/pallet. 50 packs/pallet
Consumption allowance 1.5 kg/m²