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Who we are

The mine near the village of Koshava is the only underground gypsum deposit in South-Eastern Europe. The extracted by the company gypsum is a 100 % natural product and its purity reaches 95 % (the purity of the excavated from open-air quarries gypsum does not exceed 50 %). GIPS JSC is the major supplier of raw materials for the cement industry, as well as for the production of gypsum binding substances and aerated-concrete products.
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We offer

Gips products

  • Building gypsum "Koshava"
  • Natural gypsum "Satin"
  • Medical plaster
  • and many more.
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VIDA products

  • Аdhesives for ceramic coverings
  • Ground-coats
  • Contact primers
  • and many more.
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Contact info:
Koshava village, Vidin region, postal code 3771
(виж на картата)
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Green line:
100% natural gypsum products
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