Fine gypsum "Satin"

Всички Gips JSC Products

Fine gypsum plaster for finishing layer.

Fine gypsum plaster with a prolonged working time. For the finishing layer of surfaces in indoor premises.

- Add 1 kg of the plaster compound to 600 – 700 ml of water according to the desired working consistency.
- Stir the mixture for 2-3 minutes and leave it for 3–4 minutes to mature. Then stir once again and the mixture is ready for applying.
- The ready mixture has to be applied with a mortar-board on a thin layer and smoothed until the surface becomes smooth.
- Apply on solid, dry, even and free of oily spots, dust and construction material waste surfaces.
- Apply the plaster only if the air temperature is over 5ºС.

Technical specifications

Binding time- beginning ≥100 min
Reaction to fire Class A1 non-frammable
Consumption allowance 0,9 - 1,0 kg. /m²/ mm
Compressive strength ≥2.0 N/ mm²
Form of delivery 1250 kg./ pallet, 50 pack/ pallet
Packaging mulilayer paper bag
Adhesive tensile strength ≥ 1.0 N /mm²