Green Line

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Our gypsum, mined 300 m underground in the bowels of the earth near Koshava village is an exclusive 100% natural product with amazing high purity reaching 95%. As an example,  it should be noted that most of the terrestrial gypsum deposits reach about 50% purity of the product.

Gypsum is completely harmless, environmentally friendly material, and in terms of tolerability of the human body - has the same acidity (pH7) as the one of human skin and does not cause allergic reactions. It is a natural product and its manufacturing requires less energy. Also its’ important characteristic in relation to the environment is its recyclability, since gypsum does not change its chemical composition and properties. Gypsum has remarkable construction and biological qualities for a pleasant life climate, because it can quickly absorb moisture from the air, or to indulge again. Furthermore, it has a good breath ability and is perfect for creating harmonious atmosphere inside.

Analogue of the natural gypsum is technical gypsum, which is obtained from the flue gas desulphurization of waste gases in thermal power plants, as a result of the combustion of coal. For comparison, it is important that the levels of mercury and other elements are much higher. Therefore all of us in "GIPS" Jsc believe that nature does it best.

We are proud to present you our products, in which we have invested this treasure, given to us by nature. We are privileged to have a deposit with such large stocks of material in our land, which obliges us to build an environmentally friendly and sustainable future together.


We are proud to introduce BULGARIAN PRODUCTS!